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After having sex on the beach...Jesse and Jeremy are in a new kind of trouble...You know what hasn't happened since the Ambassadors of Death? A nice, long Bessie chase with just the companions. Trying to slow their pursuers, Jesse and Jeremy toss the contents of Bessie's trunk---artefacts the Doctor has collected across his long history---from celery to Janis thorns to a hand in a jar to sonic lipstick. K9 drives Bessie.…
Yes, it is yet another sexy chapter of Doctor Who, Jesse and Jeremy that takes place on a beach where HOT GUYS ARE EVERYWHERE, the title of the recent chapter. Based on real life this time!…


Greyson steps up his pursuit of the Doctor, who wants to give the boy back his love of life and time travel; from 232 million BC to 56 billion years in the future and back again; the signing of two important historical papers; a planet of giant rabbits; Woodstock and more. The Doctor breaks a promise. Guest cameos include the 2nd Doctor, Ace, Benny, 7th Doctor, and some Tomorrow People. Graphic sex chapter!

Hard at work on the next THREE chapters of Doctor Who, Jesse and Jeremy. Much of this is based on some real life mixed with science fiction, time travel, and romantic sex. Here are some excerpts: “Your fate is sealed, Time Lord!”

The Doctor screamed.
Doctor asked, a bit irritated, “What are you doing?”

“Shut up and enjoy it!” Greyson then turned from the Doctor’s left side and faced him but still at his feet. As he did this, he started to undulate his entire body, ass out, then in and he rose up slowly, cupping his hands on the Doctor’s bare sides, rubbing with palms, sliding down the sides of his hands as his body went up and down slightly and ever more so each time, and feeling with his fingers. His shoulders hunched, elbows in, hands facing down, mouth puckered up, back out and then in, he moved like a professional stripper, which he was not.

“You’ll see!” The Doctor lifted the boy. Greyson’s legs were over his bare shoulders, feeling snug and good there. His left arm was down Greyson’s back and his left hand was holding Greyson’s shoulder.

Greyson did see soon enough. He realized his dick was right near the Doctor’s mouth which quickly emitted a tongue that started to dab at his under-head, at his frenulum. “The frenulum of prepuce of penis or frenulum preputii penis, which is an elastic band of tissue under the glans penis connects, quite helpfully, I might add, to the prepuce, or foreskin to the vernal mucosa, and helps contract the prepuce over the glans.”

Greyson’s eyes showed the wild feelings he was having as the Docto poked tongue at the area. “Doctor, stop talking about it and use it…some MORE! ORE!!!!OHMY! That…that…that’s amazing! Keep that UP!”

Jeremy closed his eyes. “Ohhh, that feels so good. Deeper and harder.”

Jesse rubbed along the muscles in Jeremy’s back. “Both are possible.” He undulated his body into Jeremy’s buttocks and instantly grew harder beneath his speedo.

The guy opened his dark brown eyes and looked right at Jesse. Jesse could have sworn the hot one flexed his stomach muscles, which were covered with very light hair and a nice trail down to his skimpy bathing suit. He had light hair on his chest, too but it was all neatly groomed.

“Holy-eeee sheeeet…” Jesse said as they passed this guy on his towel. As they walked past him, Jesse gave the guy a flirtatious look. The guy smiled and leaned up a bit. Jesse licked his lips.

The boy had wavy yet straight jet black hair which was combed back and a light all over tan although Jesse noticed that the boy looked slightly Cuban or some other Latino nationality. And he was gorgeous. He had muscles everywhere but a lean variety. He had black eyes and thick lips and broad shoulders but he was not as tall as either of them. And his legs and torso were hairless. Amid perfect teen abs, he had a ring around his navel that stood out as he navel was innie but shallow. He had on longer swimming trunks.

"I would take my pre cum wet dickhead and rub it all over your six pack and in and out your navel until I had to rub it up and down your cum gutter filled abs and then shoot my load to fill up your cum gutters and navel, wash all that white stuff in your navel to overflow till it drips down your lower belly to accumulate in your base of your cock while also leaning in on your cock which rises up against my hard abs."

“Oh, just the next stage of canine evolution,” said Jeremy at the same time that he smacked the man’s hand and the gun flew off. The man hopped over the back into the back seat. He punched at Jeremy’s face but found himself blocked at every attempt. Jeremy ducked. The man swung. The man grabbed at Jeremy’s shoulders. Jeremy stuck his arms in between the man’s and batted them out from inside, then fisted both hands into the man’s face.

Jesse yelled, “There’s a military academy ---Coast Guard, too, just over to the right. Maybe they’ll help us!” The helicopter was behind them, too. It flew in low.

“For all we know, they’re part of it, too!” Jeremy ducked. The man took Jeremy’s shoulder with one arm and stuck his other arm between Jeremy’s legs. “Please! Not on the first date!”

Jesse looked. With mounting fear, he realized the man meant to throw Jeremy out from the car. Driving at this speed, it would surely kill Jeremy. Jesse punched back and hit the man’s ass cheek. The man turned, dangling Jeremy horizontally, and looked at Jesse. He raised an eyebrow. “Think that’d hurt me? Don’t worry, kid, you’re next. I’ve had about enough of both of you!”

After the Doctor visits a gay bar and tracks a lead on the motorcycle riding monster, he enlists the help of a gang of messing with their bikes; K9 pulls a gun; Jesse goes shirtless; Jeremy is nude after his rape; will the Doctor's plan to save Jeremy work and will it involved more secrets from him while he collaborates with an even worse monster? And what about Grayson, who awaits the Doctor in a speedo? Yes, it's the most recent chapter of…


United States

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